Practical Insights for Couples Looking to Dodge Unnecessary Wedding Mishaps

Practical Insights for Couples Looking to Dodge Unnecessary Wedding Mishaps



You have this recurring nightmare. It’s your wedding day; everything’s going well… until you realize you’re naked. You wake up with a start; thank goodness it was only a dream!

But still, it gets you thinking: Is a strapless gown a good idea? What other things could go wrong, and how can I ensure they don’t ruin everything?

As anyone who’s ever planned a wedding will tell you, being prepared for potential pitfalls is a must.

Keep reading for a peek into what could go wrong and some practical ideas to ensure whatever mishaps won’t derail your special day.


Practical Pre-Wedding Advice


While many brides worry about tripping and falling as they head down the aisle, other potential pitfalls can have significant consequences. These things can set you back or cause you to feel as though your moment was taken from you.

Here are two examples:

  •       Stay under budget.
  •       Don’t let other people’s opinions usurp your big day.

Be clear on what you want – it’s your wedding, after all – don’t be afraid to remind others if they pressure you or try to lead you astray. These two pieces of advice are crucial during the wedding planning phase. But when it comes to the wedding day itself, there’s much more to pay attention to.


Wedding Day Planning & Preparedness


Think positive? Now’s not the time.

Instead, think about what could go wrong. Dwell on it, and then strategize how to fix it. This gives you a leg up – you lessen the chance of something occurring that could ruin everything.

Here are some common mishaps and things you can do if one or more pass.

Rain and Other Weather Events

Rain on a wedding day is not uncommon; it’s considered a sign of good luck.If your wedding is indoors, rain is no big deal.

Renting tents or other shelters is a good idea if it’s an outdoor wedding. Some venues have indoor and outdoor spaces, so if it rains, you’re covered.

Wind and cold temps can also damper outdoor events, so keep that in mind.

If there’s the potential for things to get chilly, let guests know on the invite so they come prepared.

Goosebumps and a chattering jaw aren’t idyllic; you and your bridesmaids must also be dressed for the weather.

Bella Bridesmaids has some incredible maxi dresses with full sleeves – think boho or medieval maiden. Their vast collection is suitable for all types of weather and looks.

Wardrobe and Other Malfunctions

Busted zippers, missing buttons, or for that little bit of extra security when dancing in a strapless gown (you can thank your nightmare for this one), you’ll want to have a sewing kit on hand, complete with “boob tape,” aka double-sided tape. In the best-case scenario, you won’t need it. Worst case, you use it.

Toss in some stain remover while you’re at it. Put together a whole wedding emergency kit that contains everything you might need.

Wedding Rings and Little Things

You’ll have a million things on your mind; the less you have to keep track of, the better.


Ask your bridesmaids and maid of honor to carry the essential things, including the rings. You can assign each bridesmaid a different task; that way, you don’t have to stress yourself out by trying to stay on top of everything.

A Cake Mistake

It’s tragic, but true. Wedding cakes slide off their platters throughout the United States and beyond and land in a heap on venue floors.

Or they break.


Some brides opt for backup cakes. Others make sure there are “materials” on hand to repair the cake if it breaks during transit or something. This can include extra frosting, flowers, or whatever’s needed to disguise the mishap.

Remember: If the cake hits the floor, a few dozen vanilla cupcakes are always an acceptable replacement. 


Make sure you have a first aid kit handy, stocked with Advil, and those things you put on your feet if you get blisters because the last thing you want is to let a headache ruin your wedding day.

Celebrate Responsibly

If alcohol’s flowing, have cabs or other modes of transportation available for guests. Or better yet – hold your reception near everyone in a hotel. If you’re worried about people getting too drunk, you can have the reception end a few hours after dinner.

Of course, you can’t control other people, but you can put measures in place to encourage them to stay safe. 

Roll with It

 Above all, when things go wrong, roll with it. Focus on what’s going right, and have fun. This mentality is the insurance you need to protect against letting all those pesky mishaps curtail your enthusiasm and enjoyment of your wedding day.




Now that you’ve considered everything that could go wrong and have a backup plan for each one, you can relax. You’re prepared. You’ve demoted a ‘worst case scenario’ to ‘no big deal.’

Good luck, Habibi!

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